Print Management Solutions

No matter how big the business, with the correct printing strategy you can actually save.

We provide tailored solutions to meet and exceed your needs in Print, Scanning, Faxing & Photocopying along with in depth software solutions which will save you time & money through improving your current business processes with scanning, document management & cost recovery solutions.

Our commitment to providing excellent customer service, our passion for technology and best practice processes has made us one of the largest regional Fuji Xerox dealers in Australia. This has been recognised by winning multiple coveted awards from Fuji Xerox Australia.

Our Partnership with Fuji Xerox started in October 1982 when we became the first Fuji Xerox Dealer in Australia. We attribute our success with Fuji Xerox to the high standards of their Fuji Xerox Team – both sales and technical. Fuji Xerox is Australia’s market leader.

Our partnership with Fuji Xerox

We are the only authorised Fuji Xerox dealers in Rockhampton and the Central Highlands area and as part of the Webb Bros pty ltd group, we have been partnered with Fuji Xerox for more than 33 years, making this our longest running vendor relationship.  Fuji Xerox is a globally recognised leader in business & document management solutions.  With a majority market share in Australia, Fuji Xerox dominates the print market. 


Through a broad portfolio of document technology, services, software and supplies.  They enable us to provide essential back office support that clears the way for our customers to focus on their core business.

With awards from the United Nations and the Banksia Environmental Foundation, Fuji Xerox is recognised globally for their commitment to sustainability.

Fuji Xerox Authorised Dealer

Sustainability Program

Fuji Xerox technology and services are designed and managed to improve sustainability performance for customers. Our equipment features environmentally responsible design and energy efficient enhancements. Our document software and digital technologies reduce paper wastage. Our services enable clients to improve the efficiency of document intensive processes and optimise their equipment infrastructure to save costs and cut carbon emissions.

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific is the first company in the document management and solutions field to be a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) GOLD Community Member and supports the mission of GRI to empower decision makers everywhere, through GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards and its multi-stakeholder network, to take action towards a more sustainable economy and world.

Our Print Solutions

CAPconnect is the Rockhampton & Central Highlands only Authorised Fuji Xerox Dealership. We offer a wide range of print devices from desktop printers to Office Photocopiers and Digital Production Presses. We engage with our customers to tailor suit a solution to their current and future needs.

We understand that every business and the direction it's headed is different, as such we believe that no one solution should be a “Copy+Pasted” solution.  With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few generalised ideals that we base our approach off when working with you and your business to understand your current printing environment and discover how CAPconnect can best be of assistance throughout the partnership.







At this stage you and your business

At this stage you and your business


CAPconnect Managed​

  • ​Collaborate from anywhere

  • Print from anywhere

  • Work from anywhere



  • Bound to the office.

  • Difficult to scale up & down as your business demands.


CAPconnect Managed

  • Zero upfront costs.

  • Pay for what your business needs.

  • Reduced operational costs.


  • Upfront capital costs for hardware.

  • Pay for maximum capacity upfront.

  • High resources cost.

Control & Efficiency

CAPconnect Managed​

  • ​Monitor & control.

  • Proactive support.

  • Fleet optimisation.



  • Uncontrolled.

  • Reactive support.

  • non managed fleet.

Our commitment to you

CAPconnect provides an obligation free audit service to its valued customers because we understand that Printing, Copying, Scanning and Faxing are essential business functions and can, if not setup properly, be a costly overhead.


Listed below are just a few of the benefits of our Print Audit, however the primary being the opportunity for us to identify cost savings and increase efficiency for you, the customer.

- Reduce Cost
- Provide Cost Transparency
- Increase Staff Productivity
- Identify Bottlenecks
- Fleet Optimization
- One Vendor
- Identify Scanning requirements
- Identify Fax requirements
- Proactive Servicing and Maintenance

Our free business auditing service that we offer is what helps set CAPconnect apart from the Office technology market.  We wholeheartedly believe in our approach to offer the most outstanding customer service with our willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are happy.  It's with this idea in mind that we strongly suggest to any and all potential customers to take advantage of our business audit and have one of our highly trained professionals conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business, because we guarantee you'll be surprised with the outcome, after all it's free.  Other than large printing bills, what have you got to lose?

How much could you increase your productivity with the correct print solution?

Book an obligation free analysis and let us show you

Our range of print devices

Case Studies

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neConnect is many things, but ultimately, what are we here to achieve? It’s actually rather simple yet has powerful and long lasting effects, neConnect is a brand developed by CAPconnect to enable businesses to leverage technology to better themselves, leverage technology to increase productivity, efficiency which all leads to increased profitability.  We are currently experiencing another golden age of technology that if implemented correctly allows businesses of any size to compete not only against larger corporations but to stand head and shoulders above them and drive outcomes that never before thought to be achievable.