10 benefits to outsourcing your I.T

I want to start off by pointing that outsourcing I.T isn't a new idea. For years now, businesses and schools have been outsourcing their I.T functions and management, providing themselves with more resources, upgraded technology and a proactive approach towards cost efficiency.

In the past few years, I.T outsourcing has evolved so much that it is no longer just about cost savings. These days, outsourcing your I.T is considered a strategic tool for increasing productivity and a businesses competitiveness. Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to take a step back and consider what is at the core of your business and what could be performed more efficiently.

So, what are the benefits of outsourcing my I.T?

  • Your capital isn't spent on expensive hardware, giving you the chance for other investments

  • Efficient cost management

  • Operational flexibility is improved

  • Improved levels of service

  • Management overheads are reduced

  • Have the latest technology and updates with the option to rapidly deploy new capabilities

  • Meet your tactical and strategic objectives faster

  • Obtain the skills of highly trained professionals that would otherwise be unaffordable on a full time basis

  • Risk burden is shared and accountability is taken off of you.

  • Re-focusing your priorities onto what your business does best.

Lastly, many small businesses simply cannot afford to match the support services of larger companies. Outsourcing helps small businesses to seem "big" by providing them access to the same scale, efficiency and expertise that larger competitors enjoy, essentially leveling the playing field.

It is an undeniable fact that we live in an age where data is the new currency; Facebook's latest scandal anyone?. Everything and everyone is connected to a data management of sorts. How we manage that data or information can and will drastically affect businesses operations, which is why I.T outsourcing is becoming more important for a businesses sustainability.

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