Queensland Mining Expo (QME!)

For the past three days, we have been exhibiting at the Queensland Mining Expo. The expo is designed to show case the latest and greatest innovations that help the mining sector be more efficient, safer and increase productivity. Having walked around the stands there are some amazing technologies on display from tools, conveyors and right through to heavy machinery.

You might be asking what an integrated IT company is doing showcasing its wears at such an event? Whilst our equipment and solutions may not be pulling resources such as coal out of the ground it plays an integral part in allowing both humans and machinery to perform their functions.

Throughout the Bowen Basin and now down into the Hunter Valley and across to Western Australia, We have worked with Australia's largest resource companies to deliver cost effective and sustainable solutions such has print & scan workflows and telephony rollouts. Our equipment can be found from the Administration offices, to the Train Load Outs, Prep Plants and in the remotest Geo locations. Some of these areas as you can imagine can be quite a harsh environment from exposed rooms full of coal dust through to areas that experience shock waves from blast operations.

And it is for this reason we are proud to be demonstrating and talking about our products at this year’s Queensland Mining Expo!


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