What is Instant Virtualization

As part of our ICT service offering, data backup is one of the most vital aspects of survival as it ensures business continuity, even in the most severe of storms, that we lucky few in Queensland get to experience.

Instant Virtualization allows a protected system to be virtualized and hosted either locally, through the use of Datto's BDR appliance (SIRIS), or off-site in the Cloud with minimal downtime.

How can Instant Virtualization benefit your business?

True local Virtualization: Having access and the ability to run virtual machines directly on the Datto appliance, simplifying the process of system restoration, reducing downtime and money wasted on outdated recovery processes.

Protect & Virtualise anything, restore anywhere: Instantly backup anything that can be protected (Physical and virtual systems - with agents or with agentless backups), virtualise physical with virtual BDR, or even virtual with a physical BDR.

Hybrid Virtualization: Backup and restore any recovery image within seconds - even from an archive of old, dusty recovery points.

Physical Server restore, before repair: Backup data is available immediately, and accessible for restoration by physical servers, even before any replacement disks have arrived in the mail.

Still asking yourself what Instant virtualisation is? The below video should help

For more information regarding your business' BDR options, and the very real dangers of not having a correct backup solution in the age of Ransomware, read my post about the state of ransomware.

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