4 ways your small business can benefit from a modern printer

When you think of the word 'printer', what comes to mind? Do you think of a big, boxy device that takes up way too much space in the office? Maybe you just think of a device that prints, scans and copies and that's it. While this is true for older printers, the modern printer is far more powerful than it has ever been. While there is so much to say about modern printers, I'm going to focus on one particular feature in the incredible innovative Fuji Xerox SMARTseries printer range a range of amazing printing solutions and the same benefits as a large multifunctional device, but at a fraction of the cost and footprint. Here are four ways the modern printer can help you run a more efficient and profitable small business.

1. Protect your documents with server-less on demand printing.

Arguably, one of the best features of modern printers are their security capabilities. Australian companies are the second most likely in the world to fall victim to malicious and/or criminal data breaches, averaging 34,249 compromised documents during a single breach.

The Fuji Xerox SMARTseries printers offer the Server-less on demand option, in order to stop documents from being stolen.

2. Improve staff productivity and automate the workflow.

Every minute of the working day is valuable, and today's workforces are moving at lightning pace to keep up. Nobody has the time, nor should waste the time on carrying out menial tasks such as scanning and faxing. The SMARTseries range of printers is capable of being programmed to eliminate the human factor of repetitive tasks almost completely - For example, multiple emails, faxes, printouts and scans can be completed within seconds at the touch of a button, giving staff more time for important tasks.

3. Cut costs with Capture, Monitor and Control.

According to Fuji xerox's 'Office Printing Habits Report', printing costs can account for up to 4% of revenue, for 90% of SME's. Unfortunately printing is a cost ALL businesses need to account for to keep running efficiently and organised, however companies are spending more than they need to because of a lack of knowledge when it comes to monitoring and controlling. High printing costs can be the result of a number of factors, like; unnecessary printing, personal printing, lack of training and outsourcing colour printing.

The SMARTseries range of printers can help cut those costs using Capture, Monitor and Control (CMC). CMC allows businesses to establish rules to minimise office printing costs. For example, you can the default device settings to mono and duplex printing, and also put printing quotas in place to cap and control printing costs.

4. Digitise important documents, and turn them into searchable PDF's

Thanks to multifunction devices that can digitise documents instantly and retrieve them at the click of a button, the labor intensive task of finding specific files from cabinets and cupboards is a thing of the past. the searchable pdf option in the SMARTseries printers automatically read the scanned document, allowing you to CTRL-F any document and search for specific keywords.

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