With great technology, comes great responsibility

In an increasingly digital and connected age, our personal details, the information we store in the Cloud even our work lives - these days, it's all online. In a 2016 consumer insights survey, 88% of workers stated it was important that their office remains secure. 60% of workers, unsurprisingly stated said they were concerned about preserving the confidentiality of documents when printing.

When the innovative technology already exists to protect us, why should we worry about our information falling into the wrong hands?

Keeping sensitive documents secure with SecurePrint

When it comes to keeping your information secure, there is a rather simple solution and it's one that every office can do. SecurePrint is a feature available on your Fuji Xerox device, adding extra layers of security by letting you choose the time to print the document and create a 4 digit passcode at the time of printing.

By utilising SecurePrint, the communal office printer becomes your own personal office printer, safe and secure. Protecting your documents with your Multifunction device

Fuji Xerox multifunction printers have a wide range of security features built in and while SecurePrint is revolutionary, it isn't the only way your printer protects you. The following 4 ways are just some of the ways a Fuji Xerox machine can help with document security.

  • Authentication: Staff can use an access code to print and copy

  • Access: Set custom rules to determine who has access to what documents and what can and can't be printed.

  • CentreWare Internet Service: Centreware provides you with a device's print, scan and fax history. If a leak occurs within your organisation, you can identify when and where the leak came from.

  • Annotation: Imprinting a user name, date and any relevant data on all photocopies that are made.

Tap 'n' Go Technology; A powerful solution

These days, an efficient workplace and confidential documents can be attributed to SMEs using outdated technology. With Tap 'n' Go, SMEs have a powerful solution that integrates smart software with printing devices.

  • Ensure documents remain secure by using a PIN to release print jobs.

  • If the printers go down, your business doesn't go down with them.

  • Improved productivity for both employees and the office, by releasing print jobs at any device, even if it's busy or offline.

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