ACCC prioritising consumer NBN issues this year

ACCC chairman Rod Sims has stated that consumer broadband issues will be a major focus this year. The communications watchdogs will be continuing to focus on NBN speed advertising.

NBN Consumer issues

On Tuesday, 20th February, Rod Sims publicly spoke and warned NBN retailers that the ACCC are going to be getting involved when consumers are not provided speeds they are paying for. With recent enforcement action from the ACCC, Telstra, Optus and TPG were forced to refund tens of thousands of NBN customers.

During his speech, Rod said "Consumer issues in the provision of broadband services, including addressing misleading speed claims and statements made during the transition to the NBN, have become one of the ACCC's most prominent issues in the past two years and highlights the importance of both our consumer and competition focus"

"The first report of the ACCC's Measuring Broadband Australia program will be released shortly, and our commitment to truth in advertising related to broadband speeds is making it easier for Australians to choose a service provider."

"You have seen a number of ACCC enforcement actions in 2017, and can expect further interventions this year."

It's only early 2018, but already there has been more action towards making the NBN consumer friendly then we have previously seen. How has your NBN experience been so far?

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